Enhance Productivity of First Line Managers in Operations &
Sales through Team and Time management:

It is not unusual for FLM's to spend as little as 10% - 20% of their time focusing Proactive Management attention on team members. The propensity to become involved in less value adding pursuits is high but this can be quickly adjusted when managers are introduced to Best Practice ways of thinking and behaving and coached in the use of new skills and tools.
Leveraging Analytics towards understanding the breakdown of activities across a typical day and categorising them in this way demonstrates the delta from Best Practice while automatically exposing the extent of the improvement opportunity. In our experience there is always a considerable difference between the typical and ideal day highlighting the significant gains to be secured by changing behaviours.

For many FLM's the shift will mean an additional 50% of their total time being used to develop their teams: a huge gain.

Actual vs. Ideal: FLM Proactive Management Utilization Trends

  • Analytics Insight Programme Framework

    The analytics insight programme framework consists of 5 steps that establish a picture of an ideal FLM.
    This benchmark is then used to compare the skills and behaviours of existing FLM's.
    Subsequent to this clear performance standards are established and they are tracked and measured on a week on week basis.

  • Step 1) Role Benchmarking & Competence Assessment
    Step 2) Gap Analysis between Actual & Ideal competencies and behaviours
    Step 3) Performance Tracking and Measurement

    Key Outcomes

    What is in it for Your Organization ?

    • A proven methodology that enables a business to realise the full potential from FLM's FLM Utilization rate improvement (BPO / FS) and Sales productivity improvement (FMCG) Optimized Capacity Planning
    • A toolset that establishes clear ownership and accountability for performance improvements among FLM's
    • Measurable improvements in sales / operational performance Operational metrics improvement (Rework down; accuracy up) ; Sales metrics improvement
    • A coaching culture leading to a more motivated, confident and capable workforce Organization Health survey results improvement; critical talent retention improvement
    • Focused investment in FLM development


    • Delivers sustainable productivity improvement
    • Provides a return on investment within 12 months
    • Low cost of ownership
    • Equips operational managers with the tools and time to effectively coach, mentor and build high-Performance teams
    • Creates sustainable cost reduction, improved productivity and increased profitability

    Talent Mix & Sales Competency Forecasting to build Sales Capability & Optimization

    Some Business Challenges

    • Growing Organized Trade
    • High Cost Structures
    • People Quality
    • C&FA Handling
    • High number of SKU's

    Key Objectives

    • Process Design for Order based Go-to-Market
    • Sales Organization Structure Redesign
    • Sales Competencies Redesign for Organized Trade
    • Resourcing Strategy: Cost Optimization

    Leveraging Analytics

    • Study of Organization Structure & Roles across FMCG's
    • Benchmarking on essential competencies of Organized Trade across industry
    • Sales competencies redesign basis findings
    • Process mapping to drive manpower cost optimization
    • Role & Accountability matrix redesigned

    Key Outcomes

    • New set of Roles for Organized Trade: Innovation; Activation; Execution; Delivery; Merchandising
    • New set of sales competencies: Category management ; Commercial acumen ; Managing Cross-Functional Teams ;Negotiation Skills ; Managing In-store Execution ; Shopper Insights ; Revenue Management
    • Revenue & Market Share impact

    What-If Scenarios using FTE's in Roles, not named individuals


  • 2014