HR Data Management for a Private Bank

Key Objectives :

  • HR Data Quality Health check of @ 1500 employee records
  • HR Data cleansing as per the business rules provided


  • Identified the key (priority) properties for evaluating data quality
  • Specified the criteria for 'quality' data
  • Set up automated quality scoring for each field on each priority property
HR Data Managemnet

Areas of Investigation: Data Quality

  • Joining Date
  • PAN Number
  • Type of Position offered (Permanent / Temporary) & Effect on Headcount
  • Office Name & Addresses
  • City, State and Postal code
  • Gender
  • Transfer records

HR Data Cleansing

HR Data Managemnet

HR Data Cleansing Methods & HR Data Quality Dashboard

HR Data Managemnet
HR Data Managemnet

How the Bank can get value?

HR Data Managemnet