HR Risk Diagnostics for a Real Estate Company :

Applying HR Risk Analytics as a pre-audit process can fundamentally enhance risk mitigation

Key Objectives :

  • Diagnosing Key Areas of HR Risk
  • Providing rich visual Insights to enable proactive Management action towards risk mitigation

Acumetric Risk Diagnostic Framework

Structured data filters for automating compliance checks and risk assessment

HR Risk Diagnostic 01

Key Benefits :

  • Shifting from sample based approach to universal set analysis for evidencing compliance in a more effective manner
  • Identifying investigation areas in advance to enable proactive management action to mitigate risk
  • Enabling effective resource utilization by leveraging automation to "do more with less"

Key Talent Risks: x% of employees are "orphans"; y Managers have >10 employees as direct reports with 1 Manager having as many as xx direct reports: Risk of Low Supervision & Oversight (High Attrition / Grievance) Key Operational Risks: In-Out Time discrepancies, Working Hours Thresholds breached, Personal Details missing, Absence Rates high, Leave carry forward incidences high

HR Risk Diagnostic 02

Organization: Span of Control Skewed with x groups of 10+ employees reporting in to 1 Manager each and y group of 50+ employees reporting in to 1 Manager

HR Risk Diagnostic 03