To identify, assess and manage the elements of risk in an organisation culture, to create sustainable value

Risk is created by people and processes in executing strategy. Effective HR analytics, workforce planning and organisation design informs “risks of the strategy and risks to the strategy”(Ristuccia, Deloitte 2013), to dramatically increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your human resources and associated processes.

We enable you to visualise your organisation through our risk-based framework, to manage human capital and derive competitive advantage.

Customer Focus.
Employee Engagement.
Compliant Actions.

Human Capital Risk Assessment Framework

Being able to measure your risk is the first step towards managing it. Further, we will enable you to effectively measure and monitor internal policy compliance and regulatory requirements.

  • Applying data analytics as a pre audit process can fundamentally enhance the audit process effectiveness and efficiency

    Creating a new benchmark through Data Enhanced Audit process

    • Shifting from sample based approach to universal set analysis for evidencing compliance in a more effective manner

    • Data audit findings to identify investigation opportunities for making the process more efficient
    • Using Audit / Risk Analytics tools to make existing audit / risk mitigation process more efficient by utilizing your resources more effectively

    Structured data filters for automating compliance checks and risk assessment

    HR Risk / Audit Analytics Framework