Manage Transformation

The formulation of an organizational transformation management strategy is a critical component of any modernization program and involves a systematic approach that supports both the organization and the individuals in it to plan for the change and then accept, implement, and benefit from the change.

"Culture Analytics": People Manager Behaviour Score carding

Acumetric deploys "People-Manager Behaviour Scorecards" for fostering a more open culture by focusing on "Manager Quality". There is an old adage: Employees don't leave Organizations, they leave Managers.

This is an organization-wide intervention aimed at inculcating culturally desired behaviours, which are the drivers for culture change, in individual managers who are key actors in shaping organization culture through every behaviour and action they display. The desired culture forms the impetus for higher business performance.

For the first time "culture pillars" and their behaviour drivers are sought to being "measured" and culture / organization development interventions are being sought to being made on the back of "quantifiable & data driven" insights rather than gut feel & perception. "Culture Analytics" thus comes into it's own.

As part of the Culture Change journey Organizations need to identify for themselves a set of culturally desired manager behaviours which every People Manager must demonstrate and then embed: For example:

  • Builds talent
  • Inspires Performance
  • Fosters Collaboration
  • Drives Excellence
  • Surfaces and Resolves Differences

Having articulated the specific actionable behaviours that comprised the above behavioural dimensions, Organizations now need to create the "People Manager Scorecard". This is an online manager feedback forum / survey tool that allows measuring the degree to which all People managers with 3 or more direct reports display these behaviours. This survey may be broadcast on the back of our online tool once a quarter for People Managers across all verticals.

Engagement & Morale Surveys, Pulse Surveys, Polls & Dipsticks


Plenty of companies pay lip service to employee engagement. In practice, it often comes down to a single annual survey where the most Important metric seems to be how many people responded. So how can you operationalise employee engagement, and manage it in a responsive, intelligent and sustainable way.

Our Services

  • Conduct a wide range of pre-set surveys and feed results data back into our toolbox for instant visualisation on your organization chart.
  • Create your own survey or link from your own survey tool and import its results into our toolbox
  • Analyse results within the context of your organization chart and other HR data.
  • Use the power of feedback loops to improve performance. Managers become more aware of the impact of their actions; leadership teams spot warning signs before it's too late.
  • Integrate engagement trends with your other people data so you can build employee engagement into day-to-day operations management

Our Survey

The survey can be deployed, conducted, and findings presented in a period of 4-6 weeks.

Culture Integration for Mergers and Acquisitions

Acumetric Analytics supports HR on the M/A Deal EvaluationTeam

Each step is a new level of commitment towards the deal and requires more information and analyses

Pre-Deal: Identify the strategy driving the M/A, locate and select targets, determine potential business opportunity, define critical success factors, and notify target of intent.
HR's role: educate team on HR implications, conduct high-level analysis of people, org, & culture fit based on available information, identify people-related issues, plan for due diligence

Due Diligence: collect and analyze information from the target, assess leadership team, summarize findings, issues, and risks, and make go/no go decision.
HR's role: collect and analyze HR related information, identify issues, risks, costs, savings

Integration Planning: set deal terms, use information previously collected to create plans to combine companies with minimal business interruptions, close the deal.
HR's role: secure key talent from target, collect more information where necessary, create integration team for HR, create HR integration plans (e.g., culture, organization, people, HR processes, HR systems and policies)

Acumetric Analytics supports HR on the M/A Post Deal Execution Team

Deal Team evaluates the successful capture of synergies and achievement of original strategy

  • Capture lessons learned from the management of the project
  • Evaluate organization, people, processes, systems (e.g., 24th month audit)
  • Suggest process improvements
  • Align with Business Strategy of the Future
  • Learn from this deal to be ready for the next deal
  • Ongoing involvement in integration of culture